Top Ten Mistakes People Make in Their Yard

Without professional help, many people end up making mistakes that can be complete blunders for their garden. Here are some typical errors that people tend to make in their yards:

  • Working Without a Plan: If you do not have a theme that would be suitable as per the general climate, or a budget, you will end up with an uneven and shabby look of the whole area.
  • Inappropriate Style: While choosing the plants for a garden, the architecture of the home and the theme of the yard must be kept in mind.
  • Neglecting Curb Appeal: The power of curb appeal must never be under estimated. Instead of the back yard, sidewalks and garden corners, it is the house front that creates the first impression for visitors. The paint of the door, fence and patio must contrast well with garden plants.
  • Overlooking Exterior Lighting: A big mistake that most people make while planning their yard is failing to visualize it during the day and evening. Add extra appeal to your garden by incorporating subtle exterior lighting with vision and movement.
  • Ignoring the Seasons: Do not forget that plants and flowers have their own time and seasons for growth and bloom. If you like a fully blossomed garden, pick some green foliage along with the spring flowers to ensure that the garden does not look dreary during fall.
  • Too Much of the Same Thing: Filling the garden with the same flowers and plants in every nook and corner does not look appealing. Utilize space with a combination of ferns, flowers, fountains and adorned sidewalks.
  • Using the Wrong Tools: Use of unsuitable sprinkler system, shovel, rake, lawn mower, hose and other garden equipment can delay and even spoil the designing process of your yard.
  • Incorrect Pruning: Pruning is just as much of an art as it is a technique, but when done improperly, it will do more harm than good.
  • Cutting the Grass Too Short: If you scalp the lawn, it will result in a bare patch where regrowth may take a very long time.
  • Planting in the Wrong Place: Placing a plant in the wrong area may prevent its growth and may even kill it in absence of adequate water and sunlight.

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