Retaining and Freestanding Walls – Perfect for your Ventura and Santa Barbara County Landscape

Whether you need a new property wall for privacy, low seat wall for entertaining, or retaining wall to hold back that slope you have in your yard, you can trust Scarlett’s Landscape to design and build you a beautiful and practical wall. We specialize in most any type of wall system and style; from dry stack Allan Block segmental walls, to stuccoed CMU block walls, we’ve got you covered. Walls add tremendous value and beauty to your property, and in the case of retaining walls and property walls they add a sense of safety and security.

Let Scarlett’s Landscape, Inc design and build you a practical, yet elegant wall that compliments your property and home’s architecture, contact us today.

Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental walls, also known as keystone walls due to the popularity of the ‘Keystone’ brand of wall products, are a cost and time effective type of wall that looks beautiful, stands the test of time, and whose timeless character never goes out of style. Segmental walls can add a look of elegance and much needed functionality to your outdoor space. Scarlett’s Landscape, Inc has installed many of these walls in the Ventura and Santa Barbara area, all with very satisfied customers.

Segmental Walls accomplish the same task as block walls, brick walls, and concrete walls. Segmental retaining walls consist of modular concrete blocks that interlock with each other. They are used to hold back a sloping face of soil to provide a solid, vertical front. Without adequate retention, slopes can cave, slump or slide. With the unique construction of segmental retaining walls, higher and steeper walls can be constructed with the ability to retain the force of lateral earth pressure created by the backfill soil.

Certified Allan Block Wall Installer

Scarlett’s Landscape specializes in the installation of:

Advantages of Segmental Retaining Walls

Segmental retaining walls can be installed in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and textures. They can incorporate straight or curved lines, steps, and corners. They are ideal for not only for slope support, but also for widening areas that would otherwise be unusable due to the natural slope of the land. Retaining walls are often used for grade changes, and for other functional reasons such as widening driveways, walkways, or creating more space in a patio outdoor area.

Segmental retaining walls offer many advantages:

Some segmental systems use steel or fiberglass pins, clips or integral lips to create a continuous facing system. Some blocks are hollow, some are solid. Just about all block systems permit backfill drainage through the face joints.

Let Scarlett’s Landscape, Inc design a segmental retaining wall for you and make use of that troublesome hillside or create more space and focal points for your outdoor paradise, contact us today.

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