Greywater Systems

The Black & White on Greywater Systems

The earth is currently undergoing climate change and therefore it is best if you started to make use of greywater systems. Water conservation is right at the top of the agenda for most people and they are coming out with new and unique ways to accomplish that. Most people choose rainwater tanks as one option, while others consider greywater systems, which is generally water that is flushed down the toilet or has been used before.


What is Greywater?

Greywater is water that is used in baths, spas, handbasins, washing machines, laundry tubs and showers. The water that is taken from kitchen sinks and dishwashers is known as dark graywater, since it has got more chemicals, organic matter and fat in it. The water that is taken from toilets is referred to as blackwater. Experts say that more than half of the water in a household can be used and recycled as greywater, which can help save thousands of liters of water on every single day. There are 2 basic type of systems that recycle greywater:

Diversion Devices

The diversion devices will simply carry the greywater from your washing machine or bathroom directly to the toilet or garden, without treating it. There are numerous components that may do that job, which include:

  • Hose
  • Diverter valves
  • Closed-loop system
  • Surge tank
  • Filters
  • Pump

The diversion greywater systems often cost a lot of money and can vary from a hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. It all basically depends on the size of the diverters you require and how many, while you will also require the services of an experienced plumber and alert the authorities that you have installed a greywater system in place.

Greywater Treatment Systems

The greywater treatment systems treat and collect water of different levels of hygiene and purity. They will then treat the water through different stages, which include treatment such as:

  • Filtration of solids (hair and lint)
  • Removal of unwanted chemicals and pathogens
  • Disinfection by UV Light or chlorine

Once the water has been treated it can be used in toilets, washing machines and your garden. Greywater treatment systems are incredibly handy for those people who live in areas that have a water shortage problem, since though this system they can overcome the water shortage problems and take care of their lawns properly.

Which is the Best Option for You?

Well, it all depends on your situation and whether you consider investing in a greywater system. Recycling is good for the environment and it will help save a lot of money over time, and the method is extremely useful for people that can’t store water and don’t have a rainwater tank. There are several graywater systems, and each of them is designed to do a particular task to perfection.

Big Garden (ornamentals or fruit)

If you have a big garden then the best solution for you would be to purchase a diverter and then send the water directly through to the garden or lawn via the irrigation pipes. It will cost a higher level of treatment but is the most effective option.

Vegetable Garden

If you have a vegetable garden and you want to water your plants and herbs, then you should get in with the times and start acting serious. You should always use properly treated greywater on food that can be eaten raw, since you don’t want to destroy them.

Small or No Garden

If you don’t have a large garden or major water needs, then you should probably get a treatment system that ensures that you can use the water from your washing machine or toilet.

Drought-Affected Supply

If you are live in a area that has been affected by drought and there seems to be no sign of relent from the temperature, then you should use household water. That is where greywater house systems are incredibly handy for you, since they will not only use treated water but will ensure that your plants nave have to worry about drought ever again.

Ready for Your Greywater System?

Once you have installed a greywater system in your home, you can definitely reduce your water consumption levels and save both time and money that way. You will also be helping out the environment and sending out a strong signal to everyone that you care about water conservation!

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