Drip Irrigation

Everything that You Need to Know About Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation’s main advantage lies in the fact that it helps save fertilizer and water by ensuring that the water drips towards the roots of the plants slowly. It will transfer the water directly to the root zone of the plant or from the soil surface from a network of emitters, tubing, pipes and valves. Drip irrigation has a lot of benefits, since it helps in preserving water and it delivers water directly to the roots of the plants.


Drip irrigation is commonly used by commercial greenhouses, farms and residential gardeners. The method is considered to be highly successful and advantageous in areas that suffer from acute water shortage and scarcity. Drip irrigation is a technique that is used for delivering water for trees and crops such as tomatoes, maize, cotton, sugarcane, strawberries, citrus, eggplant, ber, bananas, grapes, and coconuts. There are a lot of drip irrigation kits that are found in the market and are available for residential gardeners.

Here are some of the components that are found and used in drip irrigation today:

  • Pump
  • Water filter systems
  • Backwash controller
  • Pressure control valve
  • Main line
  • Hand-operated safety valves
  • Poly fittings
  • Emitting devices

drip1Why Drip Irrigation Works

Here are some of the advantages of a drip irrigation system:

  • Loss of fertilizer and nutrients is minimized
  • Efficiency of water application is high
  • No field leveling required
  • You can use recycled water
  • Moisture in the root can be maintained
  • No soil erosion
  • No weed growth
  • No significant labor costs
  • Energy costs are reduced
  • Water distribution is highly uniformed

Time to Get the Drop on Drip Irrigation

While a lot of people consider drip irrigation to be one of the best and most efficient ways to water their garden, it generally depends on the type of lawn that you have and the plants that have you have. Drip irrigation is not for everyone, since it requires careful planning and meticulous attention to detail in order to provide the users with the advantage. A lot of farmers are able to take advantage of drip irrigation systems, since they are able to save a fortune on water and provide their plants with the correct amount of water. This means that they are able to get better results from their plants and thus they prefer the drip irrigation system above everything else.

It is not the same for residential gardeners, who can do without drip irrigation systems if they don’t understand the complexities of the system. However, if you are looking to preserve water and want a great system then drip irrigation systems are the best way to go about it.

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