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When you want to make that next big improvement to your property, come work with us to get it designed and built to your liking, as well as to code and legally permitted. Scarlett’s Landscape knows the rules and can help guide you in the right direction, and if we don’t have the answers, we can find them for you. We also have lots of experience working with many of the local cities and Homeowner Associations (HOAs) to approve property improvements and get them permitted and approved. We’re your one stop source for Design, Build, and Maintenance. Working with just one company makes the process go smoothly and prevents your custom dream yard from being lost in translation. Check out why permits and approvals are necessary and how we can help you design and build the landscape of your dreams!

Zoning 101

Did you know that the neighborhood where you live is zoned for residential living and has a number of rules governing property improvements? This is controlled by your city. Some rules govern what type of residence that can be built in your neighborhood; apartment, single family home, townhouse, condo, etc. The rules also limit the size of the residence. Basically, these rules prevent a unwanted or unattractive development. This is why you will never see a four story house or skyscraper built in a neighborhood with single family homes. There are also rules on site improvements for existing residences and businesses. For example, a commercial or industrial property that is being re-landscaped may have a certain plant list to select from depending on the zoning of the property, or the improvement may have to include adding decorative signage or a new sidewalk before the project is approved by the city. For residential, many landscape improvements have “setback limitations”. For patio covers, this means there are limits to their height and distance from the property lines, which will limit their size and location. For fences, this means that there are limits to their height depending on their location on the property. It also may mean that your property cannot have a fence surrounding the front yard, or perhaps doesn’t allow a fence 20 feet away from he curb. Each city has a different set of rules for their zones, so let us deal with the hassle for you, that’s what we’re here for!

Doing it the Right Way: Permits and Approvals

Did you know that if you don’t follow the rules and get jobs permitted and approved by the city there are serious consequences? You may not be able to sell your home. The city may require you to remove what you just built. We’ve heard the horror stories of the unlicensed contractor whole built something that wasn’t permitted and it had to be removed and rebuilt. Imagine the frustration and financial cost this would put on a homeowner. Not getting approval through a HOA will cause headache as well. Some HOAs take extreme steps such as fines, even foreclosure, to remedy a situation where property improvements weren’t approved. In the end, the homeowner looses.

When you work with Scarlett’s Landscape, you win! We provide you with professions and experienced service. We can design and build the yard of your dreams, all while getting it approved and permitted if needed. We make it easy, and we work hard to make our customers completely satisfied!

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  1. Patios Dallas
    4 years ago

    However, all buildings and structures, regardless of whether they require a building permit, are subject to development standards and code requirements, including those that are temporary or portable.


  2. Jade Brunet
    4 months ago

    I appreciate this information concerning landscaping and the importance of permits. It is good to know that there are consequences that come if one does not follow the rules and get jobs permitted and approved by the city in which you live. It would be best to familiarize yourself with these regulations before starting a project.


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