Landscape Design in Santa Barbara

Yards with lush green grass, blooming flowers and elegant foliage, appeals to all eyes. It can be a great source of joy for the owners and presents a welcoming sight for guests and visitors. Yards with appealing landscape design in Santa Barbara can now be created with the help of professional yard designing services.

Landscaping must always begin with a plan and a theme. It must take into account the color scheme, curb appeal, design of fences, the type of plants, and also the kind of fountains and sprinkler systems required in the garden.

The choice of right plants and flowers as per the seasons is very important while formulating a plan for landscaping in Santa Barbara. The plants that have a beautiful blossom in spring may bear a dreary look in autumn and must therefore be complemented by evergreen foliage. The appropriate placement of all shrubs is also necessary to ensure that they are not devoid of adequate sunlight. Filling the garden with flowers and plants of similar color in every nook and corner does not look appealing. Space must be utilized in myriad ways with a combination of ferns, flowers, fountains and adorned sidewalks. Landscape design in Santa Barbara must take these aspects into consideration.

The side yards or the long narrow pathways on the borders of the lawn also need attention in landscape design. The shape of the walkway may be curved or straight. It is usually determined by the location of the places that the pathway is connecting. Curves give a meandering feel and their looks can be improved by placing pebbles or white stones all along the pathway.

A plain picket fence around the yard can be dressed up or partially hidden with vines and climbers to create a dramatic effect. An open style fence with mesh design can be adorned with a combination of bushy vegetation and stone edging.

Bubbling streams and backyard ponds can be lovely water features in a garden. Fountains may be placed near the entrance or the middle of the yard. The actual placing depends on the theme and the desired focal point of the yard.

No matter what the size of your yard is, you can give it a completely new look if you use the right services for landscape design in Santa Barbara.

With more than 30 years of experience, Scarlett’s Landscaping Inc. provides the perfect solutions to all your needs for gardening and landscaping in Santa Barbara. We help you to enhance the look of your home with a desirable curb appeal and a beautiful garden that you will love to spend time in.  Please contact us today to discuss your outdoor living vision.

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