Check Out 10 of the Most Perfect Plants for Your Landscape in Hot Weather

When it comes to warm weather, it can be hard to find the right plants for your lawn or backyard. The harsh heat of summer can damage the plants and make it tougher to manage the property. That is the reason why we have decided to provide you with a top 10 list of the most perfect warm weather plants for your landscape. These warm weather plants are not only easy to maintain but will also add some much needed flair and color into your landscape.

So check out the top 10 list of the most perfect plants for your landscape in hot weather:

1. Cactus

When it comes to warm weather plants, the Cactus is an obvious choice. These plants are used to hot climates and the best part is that they require little to no maintenance, since they can even survive in desert conditions with very little water. You can even acquire flowering cacti that will definitely add more color to your landscape.

2. Salvia

When it comes to planting colorful plants in your landscape you should definitely go for the beautiful Salvia plant. They are incredibly beautiful but they do require lots of water in order to blossom properly.

3. Sunflowers

One of the most obvious choices in landscapes is the Sunflower plant. They don’t require much room to grow and are best used for decorations in landscapes. On the plus side they need very little maintenance, which is why they are perfect for hot weather.

4. Yucca

A lot of people consider the Yucca plant as household plants; however you can grow them outdoors as well. The Yucca plants can grow to extreme lengths, and will provide your landscape with an interesting specimen that doesn’t need much attention.

5. Dahlia

The great Dahlia plant is a common favorite amongst landscape owners in warm climates. They are incredibly beautiful, have a wide variety of shape sand colors and will transform your landscape completely. That is the reason why they are considered to be the perfect warm weather plants.

6. Aloe Vera

A little Aloe Vera never hurt anyone and you can definitely take advantage of having it in your backyard. It has lots of healing qualities as well, which makes it incredibly popular for people living in hot climates. If you are looking for a plant that is perfect for hot weather then you can never go wrong with Aloe Vera.

7. Geraniums

If you live in a place where the weather is hot then you will probably want to grow geraniums in your backyard. They are the most common choice amongst people living in warm climates and although they require water and maintenance, they are easy to look after. You should water them during the cooler hours of the day and ensure that they are not exposed to direct sunlight, since the moisture will burn off the plant. They look an absolute picture in any landscape and that is the reason why they are so perfect for landscapes in hot weather.

8. Bougainvillea

One of the best and most colorful plants that you can get for your landscape in a hot climate is the Bougainvillea plant. It is incredibly colorful and it is regarded ideal for having as wall decoration in your lawn, since it will climb over just about anything.

9. Eucalyptus

The Eucalyptus plant is incredibly common in warm weather and is known to be one of the best plants to grow in hot climates. The plant can grow extraordinary quickly and will also provide great color and texture in your landscape with some truly remarkable flowers.

10. Herbs

If you are confused about the perfect plants for your landscape you should definitely consider herbs. They are perfect for hot weather climates, since they can thrive well in warm conditions, but you should pick and choose them wisely. Some herbs such as Coriander will not suit the warm weather but there are lots of others that you can choose from. Apart from making your landscape prettier the herbs will also release a certain aroma that will definitely liven up the landscape.

Enjoy your Summer and be sure to contact us if you would like us to help you turn up the heat in your yard!

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